روی خط عدالت:


Do the ones who look forward to sunrise stay in darkness, at night?

[Or], do the ones who look forward to arriving spring, endure chill in winter?

Providing light at night and warmth in the winter, both are to welcome the sun and spring.

The whistle hasn’t been blown yet!

As long as it has not been whistled to end the game of soccer,

The team that scored the goal can’t be assured of its victory.

Yet, the team that gave up the goal shouldn’t be disappointed too.

Which is more important?!!!

Some materials are essential for a train, to reach a destination;

Including wagons, rails, fuel, locomotives, a locomotive driver and a path clear of obstacles [such as falling rocks, etc.]

Also some trains smoke and whistle, which show they are approaching the destination.

Smoke and whistle are like the signs of the Emergence

Sweet, Syrup

When they offer syrups, sweets, chocolates or something else to polite children at a party,

They [children] look at their father, before they get something.

Their father look, decides what to take and what not!


Imagine you leave a lamp by a child, to heat and light.

But, he stones at people because of ignorance!

So, you may pick up the lamp to prevent more damage…

[Here], picking the lamp up is not because you fear or you are unable against the child!

Imam Khomeini (r.i.p.)

۱٫ Explorations will be made by his command.

۲٫ Inventors will provide their expertise to him, or will use his majesty (mgehr)’s expertise and knowledge.

۳٫ People’s mindset level rises.

۴٫ There will be also invisible divine blessings [from God] …

USB Flash

Consider a USB Flash;

a metal that does not exceed one centimeter in dimensions.

[But] it can transmit the data as big as even a library, once it is connected to a computer.

Now, if there remains a question for an individual that how Imam Zaman (mgehr) became an Imam in his childhood,

we will reply, “This human-made USB flash can receive and store much information once it is connected.

Circumambulating Ka`bah

Indeed, people have been instructed to; come toward these rocks.

And circumambulate around them,

Then come to us,

And inform us about their obedience. [They are expected to love and obey their Imams (pbu th)].


Ḥujjat al-Islām Ghera’ati said:

Before starting a match, they practice to succeed and win the medal in the field.

We also practice [obedience] in the present time, by listening to the words of the leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

In this way, we will follow and obey Imam-e-Zaman (hgr)’s command in the emergence era.

Imam Khomeini (r.i.p.)

Some people ask, ‘What will Imam Mahdi (mgehr) do with this new technology [when he arises]?

[As an answer one should ask,] ‘What did Imam Khomeini do in that situation?

[He was such a leader that], all the pilots who had been trained in the USA in the period of Shah 1, came and provided their expertise to him.


Two things are observed in a classroom: a Teacher and a book.

If a student [only] has books but not teachers, s/ he won’t understand the lesson!

Also if there is a teacher but no book, the teacher cannot teach well!

So many spectators!

There are some people who are always in the view of the public. And their good and bad deeds are under monitor of the others.

Soccer players are of that type.

So under their influence, if people do well, the result will come back to them [the soccer players]. And if the people do bad…!


Two things are observed in a classroom: a Teacher and a book.   If a student [only] has books but not teachers, s/ he won’t understand the lesson!   Also if there is a teacher but no book, the teacher cannot teach well!   [Similarly] Qur’an is the textbook of Muslims. And Ahl al-Bayt [household […]

Cold Water

The hotter the weather, the worthier becomes cold water.

The worsened the current corruptions1, the more willing are people to Imam Zaman (hgr)’s emergence.

[Now do you know], when people appreciate and need him?

The answer is, the time they get into difficulties!

The Rope

If an individual grasps a firm rope and swims in a sea,

s/ he will be happy [isn’t worried]; despite an increase in the number of waves!

Otherwise, he is expected to be afraid among these waves.

Red Card!

Sometimes a soccer player commits a foul in the penalty area, due to inaccuracy or lack of skills.

So not only they penalize the individual ([he will get] yellow or red card),

But the [respective] team will be penalized too (penalty foul).

Even the players may give up a goal and to compensate, all the team members get into anxiety and bother!

It will finally end

Everything has a due date in the world…

Like soccer that has a fixed time [90 minutes],

And finally, that moment [the end time of the game] will end all those efforts and anxieties.

The universal government of Imam Mahdi (hgr) is strengthen more when,

The universal government of Imam Mahdi (hgr) is strengthen more when,

People _ public and special ones, various types, various nations_ automatically enthuse and take up arms “.

If so, the arrogance cannot let the deprived people down.

Then, [After the event] the tables will turn.

Fajr [dawn] and sunrise

Do you know what Fajr means?

Fajr means the end of night and the start of day.

If you have ever noticed, early Fajr is a white spot on the horizon,

which slowly extends from east to west.

That moment, is the time of dawn


[Imagine] you are standing by the street,

a car brakes at the front of you.

…[Then], you ask an address, and he will address you and leave….

Coach Substitute

In soccer, when the coach is not available (present),

some do not obey the coach assistant (which is the coach substitute now)

Having the excuse that, his knowledge and ability are less than the coach!

 The Bests of the Field…    

If someone doesn’t know [how to play] soccer,

Neither the national team, nor the low rated teams will admit him [to be a member of]!

Only those who are head and shoulders above the others [in soccer], will be invited to the national team or the great (top rated) teams.

Sewing| the Emergence Conditions

The Emergence is provided to 4 conditions:

The leader [Imam Mahdi (hgr)], the design and program, the helpers, and the public acceptance.

And one the features of the conditions is that, all of those must be available at once.


When you have not reached to an automatic door, you will find it closed.

But just as you get close to it, it will open.

It makes no different who you are, or where you are from!

Just for you

The girl and boy who got married with,

and began a romantic common life

do not see themselves (as long as this love is alive.,

And whenever the other asks for something,

they do it unequivocally at the first instance.

Indian Food

When most of we Iranians sit at the table of Indians, and put the first spoons in our mouths we cried, “I’m burning, I’m burning…!”

But if again we eat just some Indian food for a while (for example, two or three months) and then sit at our Iranian tables, we will rise: “So, where is the pepper! [It isn’t sharp] Bring a little pepper…”

The most beautiful spring

It is full of energy and soothing…
Spring means a lot of rain, gush of stream, and waterlogged rivers… Spring means drizzle and odor of effervescence which are always smelled. Spring means renewed and sweet sense of life and delectation.

«السَّلامُ عَلی رَبیعٍ الاَنام وَ نَضرة الأیّام»

A mine full of clear water

We are deprived of his science![ Imam Mahdi( hgr)]
…وَ بِئْرٍ مُعَطَّلَةٍ وَ قَصْرٍ مَشِيدٍ [حج/۴۵]

“So many wells; full of clear water which are lying idle and neglected, and castles which are lofty and well-built (Hajj/45)”

That was an example for Ale Muhammad (pbu th)[ Prophet Muhammd( pbuh&h), her dignified daughter” Fatima( pbuh) and 12 imams( pbu th).]

The sun behind the cloud

As for the high space between cloud and sun, actually its the Earth which is behind the cloud.
“Pivotal” is by sun; planets rotate around it and it give light to them.
Clouds can’t intervene all the sun effects; even if the sun is behind the cloud, it prevents the absolute gloom and cold.
In cloudy weather, no one can deny the existence of the sun.